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Our Services In More Detail


We buy and sell all ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. Whether it’s precious metal or large quantities of steel you want to sell, we have the facilities to process it for you at an outstanding price.


Creek Metals Ltd is here to deal with your business. With our experience and efficiency thanks to our dedicated team of qualified staff and our modern clean Barkin facility. We have customers in the UK and worldwide, allowing us to provide a wide range of scrap metal buying and selling services on a large or small scale at competitive prices. All grades of metal are processed at Creek Metals LTD, with a fast turnaround and prompt payment.

✓ All grades of copper 

✓ Braizery 

✓ Brass

✓ Cable 

✓ Batteries  

✓ Aluminium  

✓ Stainless Steel Motors   

✓ Lead  

✓ Motors

✓ All Grades Of Iron 

We Buy All Grades Of Ferrous and Non Ferris Metals Including:

We work with a whole range of industry types including many high profile companies, small to medium sized businesses as well as householders.


We’re proud to have built up strong, long lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers alike. Based on a wealth of experience in Scrap Metal Recovery and Recycling, we offer innovative solutions to meet your needs.

With our experience in metal repossessing and metal waste management,  we provide a range of tailor made services, based on the specific needs of you or your company.

Tailor Made Waste Metal Services

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